The Keats-Shelley Podcast

30 October 2020

John Keats’ Dying Year


To mark the 200th anniversary of John Keats first setting foot on Italian soil on 31st October 1820 – and his 225th birthday – the Keats-Shelley House presents a podcast reflecting on what his arrival in Naples means for us two centuries later. We think about Joseph Severn and PB Shelley, Oscar Wilde and Christina Rossetti, the museum’s wartime curator Vera Cacciatore and the young American soldier who was the first person to visit Keats’ bedroom after the liberation of Rome in June 1944. Mostly we think about John Keats, his life, his death and the poetry that continues to inspire so many people across the world.

Links to texts in this podcast

PB Shelley's Adonais.

Christina Rossetti's On Keats.

Oscar Wilde's The Grave of Keats.

This episode introduces a series that will tell the story of Keats’ final months, John Keats’ Dying Year. We will post the next episode early in November.

You can also follow Keats' Final Voyage on our Google Earth map: KeatsFinalVoyage. We have also added an overview of the journey: KeatsMapOverview

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John Keats’ Dying Year was written and presented by James Kidd. The music is ‘Androids Always Escape’ by Chris Zabriskie. Visit