Enter the Young Romantics 2020 Essay Prize

2020’s Young Romantic essayists are asked to address this question:

‘The world should listen now as I was listening then.’
PB Shelley (sort of)

How can the poetry of PB Shelley and/or John Keats help us in our current climate crisis?

Your answer can take whatever form you choose: a literary critical essay, a political comment piece, a polemic for your personal blog. But the article should be no shorter than 750 words and no longer than 1000.

Read PB Shelley’s To a Skylark here.

John Keats’ Ode to a Nightingale here.


Entries must be original works. Plagiarism will not be
accepted. They must not have been published previously, either in print or
online or in any other media, nor previously submitted to us.

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